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The Republic of the Seychelles consists of 155 islands lying 1500 kilometers off the coast of south east Africa. This tropical island group is a postcard come to life, unfolding clear, warm days, crystal turquoise water, powder-soft beaches and vividly green vegetation.


The Seychelles has long been a go-to getaway for couples and honeymooners, but the rich diversity of activities and marine life here makes it a great destination for families and adventure-seekers too.

Attractions & Activities

A closer look at what your holiday could be.

The Seychelles are ideal for honeymoon couples, but cater also to anyone seeking adventurous activities, from snorkelling and diving to jungle walks and water sports. Sunset cruises, catamaran picnics, hiking to the Seychelles' highest point at Mahé, and snorkelling at Sainte Anne are just a taste of the many activities visitors can participate in while enjoying this island paradise.

Nature lovers will find plenty to occupy and amaze them; apart from the beautiful marine life viewable when snorkelling and diving off the many islands, there are botanical gardens, a national park and Praslin's World Heritage site Vallée de Mai. The Seychelles' have one of the highest endemism rates in the world, with 30 reptile and amphibian species found nowhere else in the world. The same goes for 12 bird species.

Snorkel with Green and Hawksbill turtles on brightly coloured coral reefs, spot manta rays, butterfly fish, squirrel fish, spiny lobster and the famous Spanish dancer nudibranch, among many others.


Visitors should not miss La Digue, an easily accessible island that encapsulates everything about the Seychelles' magical environment - calm, jade water, green jungle and breathtaking white beaches.

The islands' capital, Victoria, has a fantastic botanical garden that boasts a sanctuary for fruit bats and turtles. The trickling streams and dense rain forest vegetation also make it a relaxing spot to enjoy.

Vallée de Mai is the only place where rare coco de mer trees grow in their natural state, as well as 50 other indigenous species and a rich variety of endemic bird species. There are 5 hiking trails through this untouched spot, well worth a day visit.


When to Visit Seychelles


The Seychelles have a strong tropical climate, with consistent temperatures between 24° and 32° Celcius. The warmest and calmest month is April, while December to March is monsoon season and thus very wet. However, rainfall on the islands tend to come in quick bursts and are over quickly.


Seas can be a little choppy between July and August, although there is little rain. The country is certainly a year-round destination, but water clarity for diving and snorkelling is best from April to May and October to November.

"The Seychelles is the perfect honeymoon destination if you are looking for a honeymoon on a sandy white each with crystal clear water. "

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