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Formerly known as the Eastern Transvaal, Mpumalanga is one of South Africa’s most visited tourist destinations. Mpumalanga is located in the north east of South Africa, north of KwaZulu-Natal and bordering Swaziland and Mozambique. This province is unmatched in beauty, with a landscape made up of beautiful 

mountains, rivers, waterfalls, forests and canyons as well as some of the worlds most beautiful and pristine nature reserves. Here you will find the Kruger National Park as well as some of the most exclusive private game reserves and stunning natural treasures like the Blyde River Canyon, Pilgrim's Rest and the Sudwala Caves.

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Attractions & Activities

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Mpumalanga's primary attractions are its wildlife and incredible landscapes, with the Kruger National Park and Blyde River Canyon the most popular locations. National heritage sites including Pilgrim's Rest, Echo Caves and Lone Creek Waterfall. Visitors in the Kruger region can take a drive down the Panorama Route, exploring the area's numerous natural landmarks, including God's Window, 

Wonder View, the Pinnacle and Berlin Falls. Look out for resident wildlife, from baboons and klipspringer to bush babies,  kudu, jackal and other monkey species. Visit some of the oldest caves in the world, the precambrian Sudwala Caves, close to Nelspruit. The caves feature some impressive rock and calcium formations and their fascinating history is conveyed through great daily tours.  

When to Visit Mpumalanga 

Mpumalanga's topography splits it into two distinct climates, with the subtropical lowveld and highland savannah. The western side tends to be hotter and drier, and any trip in this region should take into account the weather differences 

between the two areas. Mpumalanga does lie in a malaria area, so make sure to bring preventative medication during whichever season you visit. Between May and August you'll get the best game experience, with sparse vegetation.

"A visit to Mpumalanga is a must for any first time visitor to South Africa, spend a few days touring the panorama route and then a couple of days on safari in some of the province famous game reserves. "

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