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Chobe National Park is located in the far north eastern corner of Botswana and boasts a pristine, varied wilderness that is home to a massive population of elephants and other game. Chobe gets a steady supply of water from its namesake, the Chobe River, keeping animals concentrated in particular areas. The park itself extends over 11 700 square kilometers; much of it consisting of sand and thick thorn bush. However, the river turns the Northern part of the old safari area into a lush emerald paradise.


Chobe National Park is famous for its dense animal populations, but even more so for the fact that it is home to the biggest concentration of elephants found anywhere in the world. Elephant herds run into counts of over a hundred, and are followed by large lion prides who have developed methods of hunting them. The river also hosts numerous hippo and crocodile.  Chobe has a highly diverse range of environments that cater to different animals, from baobab tree thickets to floodplains, woodland, ravine and savanna.

Attractions & Activities

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Bird-life here is unrivalled, especially during the local monsoon season. Birders can expect plenty of herons and water waders, sometimes counting into the thousands. The annual migration, however, is the key attraction at Chobe. known as the Serengeti migration that crosses Kenya and Tanzania, Chobe's is 

arguably just as incredible. Propelled by changing seasons and rain, elephants cross 300 kilometers between the Chobe and Linyanti rivers in search of food. Within Chobe's pristine area, there are just two regions with a selection of luxury lodges; the main Chobe region to the north, and Savuti Marsh to the west.

When to Visit

May to the beginning of November is the best time in Chobe to see wildlife; the dry season leads animals to gather in large numbers around the Chobe River and the Savuti area, making them far easier to track.

While this is the best time to see game, the months of August to October are exceedingly hot. Birders should visit during the rainy season between December and March, and this period is also host to plenty of baby animals and predator activity.

Chartered flights can be taken to Chobe, and are the ideal method of entering. Alternatively, you can make use of a 4x4 terrain vehicle. The gravel road runs from Mababe Gate to Chobe, but be prepared for a rough 3 hour drive, as speeds cannot be reached over 20 kilometers per hour.


"If you are looking to see large number of elephants in Southern Africa then Chobe is the place to visit. This is a real pristine wilderness experience. "

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