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Bungy jump at Bloukrans

On our amazing trip to Knysna along the Garden Route, I got a great opportunity to go Bungee Jumping, at Face-Adrenalin Bungee Jump, at the Bloukrans Bridge, the world highest bungee bridge at 216 meters.

Having heard that morning that I was going to go bungee later that day, I began to feel nervous, but later the nervous feeling changed to excitement.

On arrival, the service and help at the check-in counter was really good, from payments, taking your weight, to giving you a jump number and jump time. With the help of their friendly, experienced staff members, you can see the professionalism and standard of safety of the crew from the moment they put the straps on, 

there was no need to worry or feel scared. They prepare so well for your jump from your harness, advising you how to jump till your personal belongings; making sure everything is right.

bloukrans bridge

As a group of ± 30 people at a time, we first did the walk on the bridge to the bungee platform. Looking down was scary enough. The view of Natures Valley on the left is amazing. Arriving on the bridge platform where I was about to jump, they started to play music to get your energy levels ready for your jump, I really enjoyed that. The time came when it was my turn to jump, I was one of the first to go in the group I that was in which was awesome because I couldn’t wait to jump. Tying my feet and connecting the last set of ropes to me, taking photos of me from before, during and after my jump. Everything began to feel so real, no turning back, I just kept telling myself: “I got this! I can do it!”

Then the big JUMP, the scariest 3 seconds of my life but the most amazing feeling of Adrenalin and also just letting go. You feel that adrenalin in that first few seconds when jumping. Hanging and swinging from that rope is really beyond awesome I felt so free, like a bird, yet so calm. I really enjoyed this experience and will definitely do it again in future.

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I highly recommend Face-Adrenalin to anyone. If you are afraid of heights and wanting to overcome your fears or even if you are into adrenalin sports or activities, Face Adrenalin is the perfect place for you. I really urge you to face your fears and conquer them. If you prefer not to jump, you can even just do the walk onto the bridge as well. There is even a retail shop to purchase Face Adrenalin merchandise: T-shirts, hoodies, caps and other items as well as your photos and videos of your jump. You also get a free Certificate to prove that you have done the jump.

I’m extremely grateful and thankful to Alexandra for arranging the bungee jump, and to Adam for going with me and taking me there, as well as the Travel for Life Team for giving me this wonderful opportunity to go Bungee Jumping.

Live your life to the fullest, you only live once.

Lesley-Anne Christians

bungy jump bloukrans
bungy jump bloukrans
bungy jump south africa
bungy jump south africa

Bungy Jump